Terms & Conditions

1) You must disclose any medical conditions, previous injuries and surgeries during your assessment
2) If your goal is pain and injury management you must let your therapist plan your treatment program which will include exercises to be done at home. Please do not book a massage alone to “fix” this.
3) No pain killers are to be taken 4 hours before treatment.
4) If you arrive intoxicated in any way your appointment will be cancelled with no refund.
5) Jokes and comments with sexual references will not be tolerated.
6) Cancelations will be refunded in full minus booking fee up to 48 hours before appointment and 50% minus booking fee up to 24 hours before. Any thing less than 24 hours means no refund will be given.
7) Rescheduling can be arranged with no charge other than the booking fee if you cancel and rebook using the wunderbook app or online booking system up to 24 hours before your appointment. This does mean you will be charged twice, however the fee for the new appointment time will be refunded in full on the same day. If it is less than 24 hours no refund will be issued.
8 ) If you contact Temple Bodies to reschedule your appointment within the 24 hour window and they have to manually adjust the booking for you a €10 admin fee will incur. 
9) Cancellation and rescheduling policy still applies to those who book their appointment less than 24 hours before appointment time.
10) Temple Bodies do not take responsibility for any changes in your circumstances whatsoever. This includes child care, sudden illness, traffic etc. The same policy must apply to every one including those who have made arrangements to pay on arrival. No further appointments will be made until any outstanding charges are settled.
11) Our registration bodies are affiliated with Laya and Irish life. Your insurance refunds will depend on your own policy. 
12) In the event that your appointment is rescheduled by Temple Bodies less than 24 hours before your appointment it will be refunded by 50%. If you choose not to take a rescheduled appointment, it will be refunded in full minus booking fee.
13) If you are late to your appointment, your appointment will still need to finish at the agreed time out of respect for the time of the client or patient who is due in after you.
14) If you are early for your appointment please wait until the agreed time before you knock out of respect for the current client/ patients and the other family members who reside at the address.