Pain & Injury Rehab Wicklow

Muscular skeletal injury and chronic pain treatment including TMJ dysfunction.

After a consultation your treatment will be decided by an experienced therapist who has spent years working with a large number of Soccer and Gaelic teams with men and woman.


Alongside an injury rehabilitation programme we will use methods such as:

Dry needling

Inserting needles into myofascial trigger points in the muscles to increase blood flow and and reduce spasms.


Vacuum Cupping

A plastic cup will be placed on the skin over tight or dysfunctional muscles, then a vacuum pump will be inserted onto the cup to lift the muscles and separate their fibres – stretching them and encouraging fresh blood to flow through to help recovery.

Sports Massage

Deep tissue massage targeting specific muscles and tendons for injury and the whole body for maintenance.

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation (IASTM)

Metal scraping tools are used to scrape over the muscles to break down scarred tissue and adhesions in the tissues.  Strapping and Taping the injured area will be done when needed.

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About Charlotte

Charlotte is an experienced Sports Therapist who runs her own private clinic in Temple Bodies, helping people manage chronic pain and injuries.

Duration:  1 hour

Cost: €60

Location: Newtown

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